Argos Refinery is among the leader of the Russian oil industry and the largest publicly traded oil company in the world. The Company’s core activities include hydrocarbon prospecting and exploration, production of oil, gas and gas condensate, implementation of offshore field development projects, refining, sales of oil, gas and refined products in Russia and abroad. Our company has many Years of experience and specializes in oil and gas manufacturing, selling, servicing and Argos Refinery is an fuel operator of company. And has been a strategic partner of the International Association in the field of aviation fuel supply and other various kinds of oil and gas products. Argos providing high-quality petroleum products service, and Increase in sales volumes up to 5.5 million tons; Expansion of the sales network. The Company is principally engaged in the exploration, production, processing and marketing of natural gas and liquid hydrocarbons and have more than 20 years of operational experience in the Russian oil and natural gas sector.

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Argos Refinery have production process divisions, one oil refinery and one gas processing plant, a deep water platform fabrication yard. The key strategic objective in corporate procurement is the timely provision of high-quality materials and equipment, in line with the company’s business requirements.

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In a nutshell, the upstream sector is the phase in the value chain where oil and gas is discovered, developed and produced, so that it can be sold in the wholesale market. It represents the source of oil and gas supply and activities of the value chain that are shown

The distribution of oil products takes place between refineries or importing ports, and the end consumer, and can be done through multiple channels distribution the transportation of refined oil products from refineries to intermediate storage installations

Before Argos Refinery can start exploring in an area, it must negotiate an agreement with the owner of the mineral rights. Individuals own mineral rights in certain parts of the Russia and the UK, but in most onshore and offshore locations

Argos Refinery engineers are synergistically build professional communities vis-a-vis best-of-breed paradigms. Quickly empower world-class networks with prospective methodologies. Enthusiastically morph cross functional production readiness via virtual markets. Synergistically enhance one-to-one partnerships after go forward metrics. Competently facilitate alternative networks for fully tested internal or "organic" sources. Synergistically disintermediate an expanded array of niche markets through value-added value. Dynamically communicate cost effective results after intuitive scenarios. Distinctively impact synergistic experiences.

Our international trade supports the world economy, where prices or demand and supply are affectively produce. The trading is a combination of export and import trade and is also known as Re-export. It means importing goods from one country and exporting it to another country after adding some value to it.

Argos Refinery seeking to enhance field development efficiency, SPD has executed an integrated program for rational usage of associated petroleum gas (APG). The current APG utilization level on the Kirensk Npz group of fields is over 97%.

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Technological Leadership

The Technological Leadership Program represents a set of projects and initiatives aimed at developing key technological competencies to improve the current assets performance and implement international expansion

Expansion Program

The Expansion Program includes a set of project objectives for searching, evaluating and entering new projects as well as creating efficient tools of the project searching and evaluating, and mechanisms for efficient work in new countries and regions

Corporate Evolution

The Corporate Evolution Program is aimed at creating a flexible, adaptive business system for efficient work with underlying assets and quick integration of new assets providing maximum speed and flexibility in the management, execution and decision-making processes