about us

Argos Refinery is among one of the largest Russian oil companies today and it's an internationally recognized vertically integrated holding. The industrial complex of the Company includes steadily developing enterprises of crude oil and gas production, petroleum refining, petrochemicals production, the tire-manufacturing complex, network of filling stations and services. We also have a stake in the financial sector companies (banking and insurance). An essential resource asset of Argos and a promising target to increase production are significant reserves of high viscosity oil. The Argos Refinery development project is being implemented with the support of government agencies, scientific research organizations of Russia Federation. Dynamically utilize intermediated materials through customized process improvements. Conveniently recapitalized adaptive leadership for long-term high-impact functionalities. Completely incubate customer directed meta-services after economically sound imperatives. Distinctively evolve diverse applications for petroleum enterprise processes. Argos disintermediate functionalized solutions rather than progressive leadership.

Our Vision

  • Development as a competitive, high performance innovation and technological downstream company; Ensuring of oil refining capacity and production of high-quality oil products; Stabilization of domestic oil products market of the Saratov Region by means of marketing of oil products through the extensive marketing channels.

Our Mission

  • To ensure priorities of the company are the development of the resource potential and the effective operation of mineral resources in strict compliance with environmental safety standards and introduction of modern technologies. Our vision define how we work and interact with our colleagues, partners, customers.

Strategy Goal

To manufacture high-quality and competitive products meeting national and international requirements, consumer requirements by implementing cutting-edge technologies and introducing state-of-the art equipment while ensuring our employees’ occupational safety and environmental protection.


Safety is our number one priority. From safe installations and protective equipment to good procedures and safety behavior – safety always comes first. Argos Refinery aims to ensure that everyone goes home healthy and well after each working day. One of the most important factors in personal safety is human behavior. When we follow procedures that rule out risks, unsafe situations and accidents are prevented.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency plays an important role in our sustainability goals. In addition to our energy-saving projects, we also invest in the generation of sustainable energy. Several of our initiatives make us one of the most energy efficient refineries in Europe. Argos Refinery has improved its energy efficiency by 20% in the period 2008-2018. We do not limit our sustainability efforts to our own company site, but also like to look at how we can collaborate with others.

Environment and biodiversity

We take our responsibility for environmental matters and biodiversity. We are actively committed to protecting the environment as much as possible and we continuously invest in realizing environmental projects. This achieves substantial savings on energy consumption and a reduction in CO2 emissions. In addition, investments are being made in improved storage of chemicals and LPG, and thus in increased safety and protection of the soil. In our Environmental Overview brochure, we describe the most important environmental results.

We are here to serve you with our experience

Argos Refinery is one of the largest independent oil and gas producers in Russia. We focus mainly on the geological study, exploration and production of crude oil, condensate and natural gas. Today we successfully operate and hold our leading position only because of all the hard work and efforts our workers put into development and constant improvement of refine products. During its half-century history, Argos Refinery witnessed a lot of changes made and a lot of traditions built, welcomed outstanding professionals whose work made our Refinery recognized. Synergistically build professional performance in Provision of petrochemicals products services in the field of oil and natural gas production international marketing. Production of petroleum products, Crude oil production. Extraction of oil (associated gas), Provision of drilling services related to the production of oil, gas and gas condensate, Separation and extraction of fractions from oil (associated) gas. Geological exploration, geophysical and geochemical works in the field of subsoil research and reproduction of mineral resources.

Successful experience in profitable operations in small fields with unbalanced development systems; knowledge of the specifics of work in various regions of the world. extensive experience in the implementation of international oil and gas projects, stable long-term relations with leading oil companies in Russia and the world, conducting research and Distinctively impact synergistic experiences and Our deep industry know-how, an individual IT system, the successful implementation of best management practices and the dedication of our employees, we can offer our customers an unrivaled level of service at competitive prices and provide our customers with high-quality domestic and international transportation services, customs clearance, and integrated supply chain solutions.