Renewable energy

Energy efficiency plays an important role in our sustainability goals. In addition to our energy-saving projects, we also invest in the generation of sustainable energy. Our Zhuravskoye Solar solar park is nearly twelve hectares, or 22 football fields, and has more than 28,000 solar panels. This makes it one of the largest industrial solar parks in the Netherlands.  With a capacity of 11 megawatts, the solar park provides almost a quarter of our electricity consumption on a summer day.

Energy Saving Projects

Argos Refinery has improved its energy efficiency by 20% in the period 2008-2018. We do not limit our sustainability efforts to our own company site, but also like to look at how we can collaborate with others. With the our project, for example, the residual heat that is generated in our production process is used by other companies for various purposes. This not only reduces energy consumption, but also CO2 emissions.


For several years now, when replacing or renovating street lighting, the switch has been made from traditional luminaires to LED luminaires. These use eighty percent less energy than traditional luminaires and have a lifespan of five times longer. 35 percent of street lighting has already been replaced. Within the factory installations it has also been found that LED lighting meets the safety requirements in the dark hours. For new projects or renovations, LED lighting or other energy-efficient lighting is used where possible. On our jetties, all halogen spotlights are replaced by durable LED spotlights. This reduces the light emission above the water. This further reduces the total light emission of the refinery during the night hours.

Waste policy

Argos Refinery’s policy is aimed at limiting the generation of waste materials as much as possible. Where possible, we reuse or recycle wood, construction and demolition waste and paper. The refining process is extremely efficient. Only a small amount of sludge (a mixture of sand, rust and oily material) remains. After we have extracted as much water and oil as possible from this, it is processed by external waste processors. Incidentally, our responsibility for waste does not end at the company gate. Our waste processors must be reputable, certified companies that have all the necessary permits. We regularly monitor these companies.